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2.0mm Shell NT
2.0mm Shell Sonic
2.0mm Triangle Round Bevel
2.0mm Triangle-NT
2.0mmShell Round Bevel
2.0mmTriangle 3 in 1 Pick
2.0mmTriangle Sonic
M Jazz NT 2.0mm & 1.5mm
M Jazz Round Bevel 2.0mm & 1.5mm
M Jazz SB 2.0mm & 1.5mm
Pick Care & Manicure kit all in 1
Shell Round Bevel Pick
Shell Sonic 1.5 1.2 1.0
Shell-NT 1.5mm1.2mm1.0mm
Triangle Sonic Bevel 1.5mm1.2mm1.0mm
Triangle-3 in1-1.5mm1.2mm1.0mm
Triangle-Round Bevel 1.5mm1.2mm1.0mm
Message Sent: Hi JB, I am an admittedly average player. I am blessed that one of my guitars in particular is a very nice, rich, responsive instrument. Your picks are the perfect complement to this, and all of my instruments. They have a beautiful tone with little or no pick noise. I've bought several different styles and thicknesses, as I experiment with the shape and sound I like for whatever style. Truly amazing. Your picks help bring out the most of my instrument and my playing. I thank you for that! Mike Message Sent: JB, As a professional jazz guitarist and a huge gear nerd, I've been buying boutique guitar picks from just about every known brand out there. if you've investigated for yourself, you know that some of these specialty picks can cost upwards of $50. Once I tried the JB 2mm sonic bevel, the search ended. this pick is exactly what I had imagined. The bevel on these is absolutely perfect...I honestly just stare at it sometimes. These picks just slide off the string. I honestly can't imagine a better pick. I'll be using these for as long as they're around. Pete A. Philadelphia, PA Dear jbguitarpicks, I just wanted to tell you that I really like your picks. My son and my friends like them as well, I haven't been able to wear one out yet. But it seems that every time I school people on the importance of choosing a pick, I loose my JB pick. I just wanted to say thanks. - trammell4 JB Many thanks for delivery of recent order received this morning in UK. I reckon these are the best picks on the planet at the moment. Pete UK Im Jose from Spain and Im professional guitar player and producer. Today I have received my first JB picks and only I want to tell you that really I like them. Sounds really good and the tone and feel is GREAT. Best, Jose. I ordered them from EBay, They came to my home today. I've been playing them for the last hour and a half. I fell in love with them instantly. I just ordered 3 more.. I'm a professional Jazz/ R&B Guitarist..I'm the former Guitarist/Musical director for Boyz II Men. Now I'm doing my own solo gig as a leader. I play all around the world. I've had hundreds of picks from all over the world. Picks made from every material from metal to bone and everything in between. No sound like my original Tortoise Pick I brought from Japan back in the 80's I've warn that pick down to a nub. Today I've found the sounds like my tortoise shell pick. I just had to contact you all and say thanks. You have a new follower. I'm endorsed with Gibson Guitars and I used the pick on my Super 400 and I lost my mind. all I heard was pure tone without all the squeak you get from cheap imitations. Thanks for making my Day.. These picks are AWESOME!!! Freddie J.Cooper John, Your picks never cease to amaze me. Just ordered a triangle 1.0mm sonic and cat wait to get it. I'm starting to step out of rhythm playing and more into flatpicking and I have to tell you, your picks make all the difference in speed and feel, and as always the gorgeous tone. I'm playing a 1972 D35 which is a cannon on its own but with your picks it just roars, my flatpicking machine is a heavily modified 2005 D16 which I'm looking forward to trying the triangle on....the sonic really bring out the sweet woody tone of the D16. I wouldn't trade one of my many JB picks for a whole bag of the "other guys" .....and I've tried them all. I am the proud owner of a pre-ban (my grandmothers) 1.0 mm tortoise shell pick....yours is without a doubt the closest to the real thing....bar none. Keep up the good work!! Bob Meeks Hi JB, I've been using your picks for a couple of weeks now, and I'm absolutely blown away. My playing and tone have improved by leaps and bounds. My ability to play dynamically is off the charts compared to what it was. My speed and accuracy have never been this good. You are the absolute BEST at what you do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All the best, James JB Guitar Picks To whom it may concern: My name is Dale Pierce. A few days ago I ordered a narrow shell and a special request for a narrow tip for all three sides of a three in one. I received my order today and was shocked to see all of the extra items included. I have to tell you that I have used and ordered from everyone- V-picks, Red Bear, Blue Chip, Wegen, and everything in between. In my initial inquiry I had mentioned that I had read about a scuff with Red Bear and that I didn't believe that there was anything malicious in regards to JB Picks. I had been to your site, read the reviews as well as other sites reviews regarding your service and product. I love to see the entrepreneur spirit, especially when it comes to guitar picks. Thank you so very much for the additional picks and pick kit. I was certainly not expecting anything extra. Now to the picks. As I mentioned I have ordered and used every boutique pick in the industry. Red Bear is the only company that gets repeat business from me. Dave and Monica have an excellent product. All of the others are just hype. Tone, texture, release and playability are what are important to me. First let me tell you that your picks are Stunning. Absolutely beautiful works of art! Without a doubt the best looking guitar picks I have ever seen or put my hands on. But what's even better is the celluloid quality. It has a beautiful warm rich tone without being dull and dark as with most everything out there these days that claims to be high quality celluloid. I love a really good celluloid pick and JB picks are the best I have ever come across. So, in closing I have to just say that your generosity, quick service, and superior quality product have just gotten you a loyal new customer. And being an old marketing guy myself you need to take this as a serious compliment. You'll hear from me again soon…….. Dale from Texas